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Did you know you can climb up to the very top of this thing and look out over the city? That’s right. A quick jog up 106 stairs will get you there. Drumheller is in the heart of the Canadian Badlands and is widely recognized as the ‘Dinosaur Capital of the World’. Helping that reputation along is the world’s largest T-Rex, standing at a ridiculously impressive 25 meters or 86 feet tall.


This is the one and only landmark in Canada on my list that I have not yet had the opportunity to see for myself up close and in person. I do know quite a few people who have though, and they tell me it is far more impressive than any picture can possibly attempt to capture. Grand, Glorious and Majestic, the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac is located in the ‘Old Quebec’ district of Quebec City, sitting high a top a piece of land that overlooks the St. Lawrence River. Built by the Canadian Pacific Railway company in 1893, this official National Historic Site of Canada boasts 611 rooms spread out over 18 floors and is one of the most recognoizable and distinguished lookin buildings in our great country.


I don’t know if you could find a more picturesque and beautiful place to put a suspension bridge. Spanning across the first narrows of Burrard Inlet since 1938, The Lions Gate Bridge connects the city of Vancouver to the district of North Vancouver. And it is just an absolutey beautiful site to behold. The term "Lions Gate" refers to The Lions, a pair of mountain peaks north of Vancouver. And about a year after the bridge opened, a pair of cast concrete lions were placed on either side of the south approach to the bridge to help signify the name of ‘Lion’s gate Bridge’. With a clearance of 200 feet above the surface of the ocean, even the biggest canoe in the world would have plenty of room to fit underneath.


These little waterfalls are arguably Canada’s most famous natural landmark, and they play host to well over a dozen tourists every year. Many a daredevil has attempted a dangerous stunt or two over these little falls over the years with some successes and some not so successful successes, if that’s a thing, but Niagara Falls has long been a loud and proud part of Canada’s landscape and if you ever get the chance to see these falls for yourself, the power, beauty and sheer size of it all will take your breath away.


I hate heights. I really do. But I do love me a good CN Tower every now and then. Canada’s tallest building, standing at well over a dozen feet (1815ft 5in to be uh a little bit more precise), is smack dab in the middle of downtown Toronto, and has been there since the year of our lord, 1976. With views that rival any Canadian grain elevator, the CN Tower is Canada’s most recognizable man-made landmark, and is proudly displayed during every single Leafs, Raptors and Jays game. I once walked out onto the outdoor observatory platform right at the top of that tower and I will never do so again. Because like I said, I don’t do so well with heights.


Keeping ships safe for well over 100 years now, the Lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove, according to Wikipedia because I’ll be honest I have deadlines to meet and I need to hurry this up, is operated by the Canadian Coast Guard, and is situated on an extensive granite outcrop at Peggy's Point, immediately south of the village and its cove. This lighthouse is one of the most-photographed structures in Atlantic Canada[3] and one of the most recognizable lighthouses in the world. Mrs. Dubyah and I had the chance to take a stroll around Peggy’s Cove a couple of years back, and the picture I took of it turned out so nicely that it nows hangs on display in our house.


Located on the southern banks of the Ottawa River in downtown Ottawa (that’s Canada’s capital city for those of you who didn’t pay enough attention in school), the Canadian Parliament Buildings have been the hub of all National Government Dealings for a decently long time now and they have been doing it in some pretty beauty style. Gothic is a common term used to describe the look of them, but I just think they look super neat. Especially the roofs. They are made of copper and start out a brownish sort of colour, but over time, they eventually turn into the incredible mint green that most of the buildings currently have. I’m pretty sure if Belle and Beast had to move to Canada, they would choose to live in one of our Parliament buildings.


This thing is massive. I mean, it’s just an incredible feat of human ingenuity and engineering. Connecting the provinces of Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick, The Confederation Bridge is the longest bridge in the world that crosses ice-covered water, coming in at 12.9 kilometres (8 miles) long. And uh, and that’s about it really. It’s just a really bridge. Super long and pretty beauty.


Pretty much everyone I know agrees that Lake Louise is one of if the most picturesque and beautiful places in all of Canada. Here’s a picture of my twin brother Jordan and his family taken there just last summer or so. Not too shabby of a backdrop for a family pic am i rite? The turquoise water, the gigantic mountains hugging the entire glacier fed lake, and the smell in the air make Lake Louise a MUST SEE destination for anyone travelling through the Canadian Rockies.

And speaking of must see Canadian destinations…. I give you the highly coveted #1 spot on my list....


Mac the Moose. And yes Norway, our Moose is bigger than your Moose. Standing guard on the edge of Moose Jaw, SK, Mac the Moose has been THE iconic Canadian Prairies landmark for anyone passing by on Highway #1 since the year of our lord 1984. Mac recently made world-wide headlines when Norway dared lay claim to the worlds largest Moose title with their Chromed Out Moose Statue that goes by a name that is far beyond my ability to try and pronounce, but at the end of the day after all was said and done, Mac the Moose and the city of Moose Jaw can hold their heads horns high knowing that the biggest moose in the world is indeed Canadian.

Well, how'd I do Canada? Did I miss any beauty landmarks? let me know in those comments sections!

Until next time, you stay beauty Canada!

Oh and here's a video version of the list if you're so inclined!

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