Who amongst us does not LOVE using a walkie-talkie? I know I do. The sound, the crackle, and the ability to constantly say things like 'over and out', '10-4', 'roger', 'come again' and 'go for charlie', without having to be an actual pilot or military person is something only the walkie-talkie can provide. Invented by Canadian Donald Hings in 1937, walkie talkies have been on every child’s wish list for well over half a century now, and will forever hold the title of ‘the most unexpected and unmanly name ever given to something used primarily in the military.’ Thank you Donald!


Now hold your horses all you Non-Canadians who are watching this. I am aware that the game of basketball was invented in America and that is it an ‘American’ game and that’s just fine you can have it because we have a much better game, but the man who invented it, James Naysmith, was born in …… where? That’s right! He was born up here in Canada. So I guess that means Basketball was invented by a Canadian. Sorry bout that. And we’re also very sorry about what happened last year…… Except, ya know, it was pretty beauty.


Well of course a Canadian invented the snowblower. We’d never be able to leave our houses for months at a time otherwise. Arthur Sicard is the man we all have to thank for making our winter’s infinitely more bearable. It may have taken him over 30 years to get the design right, but by golly, when he did get it right in 1925, he quite literally changed the landscape of Canadian winters for the better. Thank you Arthur!


Remember telephones? Yah they were those things you used to use to talk to people who weren’t within yellin’ distance. Talkin' to people was what people use to do before we had smartphones and could text. If you couldn’t text them via a hand written letter in the mail, you had no choice but to ‘call’ them on a telephone. And that was only made possible because of a man named Alexander Graham Bell who in 1876, invented the telephone. And yep, you guess it. Mr. Bell was Canadian.


In a quick poll I just took from every single guy I know, the WonderBra was voted on unanimously as the single most important and significant invention that has ever come out of Canada. Invented by Louise Poirier in 1963, the WonderBra has given women that extra boost that uh…… well it’s pretty neat. Thank you Louise!


Have you ever tried to tighten ANYthing with a Phillips screw, you know the one with the star shape on top? Or worse yet, a slotted screw, the one with the straight line? USELESS! Slippage and strippage all day long. Well thank heavens Canadian Peter Lymburner Robertson came along when he did in 1908. He gave us the far superior SQUARE or ROBERTSON screw. I’m no scientist but the data I’ve seen shows that Robertson screws are literally a billion times easier to use than any of those other silly pretend ones. Thank you Mr. Robertson!


The first cardiac pacemaker was invented by a Canadian electrical engineer, John Hopps, who was researching the effects of radio frequency heating on hypothermia in 1941. ... This research allowed the development of the first cardiac defibrillation machine, which was used by Hopps to start a dog's heart in 1949. Quite literally saving lives all over the world ever since then, the pacemaker is one of the most important medical inventions ever created. Thank you Mr. Hopps!


This one I did not know. I woulda bet a million bucks it was Thomas Edison. But apparently, from what I found on the internet and that thing is never wrong, Thomas Edison is only one of 24 people credited with having invented the incandescent light bulb. The actual invention belongs to Canadian Henry Woodward and his partner, Mathew Evans who invented an electric light bulb in 1874 and then sold the patent to Edison. Woodward and Evans’s lamp was effective but none too elegant, so Edison refined it, made it commercially available, and the rest is history as the say.

# 1 - HOCKEY

The greatest sport in the history of the known universe is affectionately and correctly known as ‘Canada’s Game’. And why is that? Well it could be because we are the best at it. It could be because we all love it so much. Or it could be because we invented it. The answer of course is all three, but we’re gonna focus on that last one because, yes Hockey was indeed invented in Canada. The very first indoor game of hockey was played in Montreal on Mar 3, 1875 and the very first time the Stanley Cup was awarded was in 1893. Since then, Canada’s love, passion and skill for the game has given us some of the Countries most memorable moments, and Hockey has become as much a part of Canadian Culture as snow and the red Maple Leaf itself.

Well there we go! How’d I do Canada? Did I miss anything? Most likely. Let me know in those comment sections, and be sure to hit subscribe, follow me on my socials, and tune-in for tomorrow’s Top 8 Canadian video.

Until next time, you stay beauty Canada.


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