CLARK W.  - The Man, the Myth, The Mullet.


Born and raised in the greater Moose Jaw, SK area in the mid 1980s, Clark’s upbringing all but guaranteed a future life of Country Mega Stardom.  With a father who only allowed country music to be played through the single family radio, and a mother who taught Clark and the local children the fundamentals of piano, it wasn’t long before Clark started coming up with some of his own musical ideas.


As much as he enjoyed playing the trumpet in elementary and high school, Clark eventually noticed that the ladies were much more akin to a man who could play the guitar.  So Clark traded in his trumpet for an acoustic guitar at the only pawn shop in town, and immediately had much more success in the romance department.


Tying the knot sometime in the mid to late 2000’s (you’d have to ask his wife for an exact date), Clark and Mrs. W. spent their first few years in the greater Calgary, AB area, poppin’ out a couple of kids along the way, and have since settled in the beautiful Okanagan Valley where the wine flows like beer.


Writing his very first song in 2017, ‘Marriage is Always Sexy’ was well received by friends, family and a few others, but it wasn’t until the release of ‘Up Here, in Canada’ in late April of 2020 that Clark’s star really began to shine.  People all across the nation shared, like, and commented (even the Nickelback folk) on the video to such a degree that even Clark’s Dad told him that he was proud of him for the very first time.


With his debut album ‘Clark W. - THE HITS - That Few Have Heard’, fans have come to enjoy other hits such as ‘My Mom’s Hot’, ‘Farmer’s Tan’, ‘Sports Guy’, and the anthem for marriages the world-wide ‘Marriage is Always Sexy’.

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